Alibaba CEO, Self Evaluation in Every Chinese New Year, What For??

Not long ago, Zhang revealed one of his strategies so that Alibaba remains the world's top e-commerce. Here's the explanations.
Alibaba CEO, Daniel Zhang, who will replace Jack Ma at Alibaba Group (NICOLAS TUCAT) - Daniel Zhang, who served as CEO and head of a giant e-commerce, Alibaba, replaced Jack Ma.

Not long ago, Zhang revealed one of his strategies so that Alibaba remains the world's top e-commerce.

Reporting from CNBC, Tuesday (10/15/2019), in an interview with McKinsey Quarterly, Zhang said he did a self-evaluation every Chinese New Year.

What is the purpose?

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According to Zhang, it was done to measure the number of ideas and businesses he had done in the past year.

In this self-evaluation process, he will focus on new opportunities. Zhang claimed, he did not only measure business performance directly. 

According to him, the inspiration for these ideas, some of which was came from the concerns and difficulties from the consumers.

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This is what triggers the birth of a business idea in the form of Alibaba Freeshippo retail outlets. Zhang said, the traditional e-commerce companies often could not send the fresh products to the consumers.

Freeshippo retail outlets were developed to answer these challenges. After consumers visit Freeshippo outlets, their shopping list is stored on the Freeshippo application.

Then, the consumers can receive the shipment of goods to the house in a short time, which is only in 30 minutes. 

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Zhang took over as the Alibaba's leader after Jack Ma decided to retire in September 2019.

Ma's leadership style is different from Zhang's. Ma was seen as an eccentric and visionary leader, while Zhang was more calm and focused. 

However, behind his composure, Zhang also posted a fantastic performance.

At the 11:11 online shopping festival last year, for example, Alibaba recorded a record transaction of 30.8 billion US dollars. (*) 

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