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Allegedly Posting Hate Speech Against Wiranto, Tanjungpinang Residents Checked by Police

A Facebook user has been checked by Tanjungpinang District Police. This user posting a hate expression to Indonesian Minister of Politis and Security.
Facebook illustration. - A Facebook account named Auliansyah has to deal with Tanjungpinang District Police.

After posting an expression of hatred that led to Indonesian Minister of Politics and Security, Wiranto.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit in Tanjungpinang District Police, AKP Efendri Alie said the account holders had also been checked.

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"At present the process is still ongoing. To relevant parties subject for reporting," he said, Wednesday (10/16/2019).

He conveyed, the account owner was secured while hanging out in one of the coffee shops on Saturday (12/10/2019) night.

He also appealed to Tanjungpinang citizen to be wiser in social media.

"Because what we post must be seen first. Good or not. Don't even go along. The creator of the post will deal with the police," he said. (

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