Hunt For Discounts at H&M Outlet, Buyers Stay Overnight in Grand Batam Mall

The first H&M store in Batam opened at Grand Batam Mall. Welcoming this store, all visitors buy and queue to get big discount by H&M store in Batam.
Visitors waiting in line to pay at H&M. - Fashion brand from Europe, H&M is known to officially open its first store in Batam, Friday (10/18/2019).

The first H&M store is inside the newest shopping center in Batam, Grand Batam Mall.

Communication Manager of H&M, Karina said at the opening of first H&M store in Batam, H&M gave an unsparing discount.

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One of the discounts is given to visitors who queue with queue number.

"Queue numbers 1 to 36 will get 100 percent discount with a maximum spend of 1 million, queues numbers 37 to 250 get 50 percent discount with maximum spend of IDR 700 thousand, and queue numbers 251 to 400 get 30 percent discount with maximum spend of IDR 400 thousand , "Said Karina, Friday (10/18/2019).

The experience of queuing was felt by Prasetyo (25), one of the residents who joined queue.

Prasetyo said he and his friends had been waiting in line since 10 o'clock at night.

"It's been here from 10 o'clock last night, to stay here. Know this discounted info from friends anyway. Last night at 10 o'clock, there were already 15 people, "he said.

Prasetyo, who succeeded in getting number 8, took advantage of 100 percent discount by buying collection of pants and shirts.

Another with Eno (23), a man who started queuing since that morning managed to get 30 percent discount.

"Fortunately, I still got the discount, I was shopping for clothes and pants," he said.

In line with Eno, Alysa (16) is also willing to queue up since the morning even since dawn.

He and his friend managed to get 50 percent discount.

"Earlier I got the queue number 216. The total expenditure was IDR 700 thousand but only paid IDR 350 thousand," he said.

Not only giving discounts to those in line, H&M until October 21, 2019 will also provide opportunities for consumers who shop at least IDR 500 thousand to get opportunity to discounts and shopping vouchers through Wheel of Fashion game. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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