Kadin Batam Wants To Process Halal Certification Easier, Products Could Penetrate Asian Market

Kadin in Batam City supports the application of halal certification. They were believe this action to guarantee safety of a product. Here's the detail

Kadin Batam Wants To Process Halal Certification Easier, Products Could Penetrate Asian Market
Illustration of Halal products. - Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) in Batam City, supports the application of halal certification in food and beverage products which start on October 17, 2019.

Batam City Kadin Chairman, Jadi Rajagukguk said that he was ready to support government if the regulation was in principle able to guarantee safety of a product.

"Most importantly, halal label is expected to be used also for food products or food to go abroad, especially in Southeast Asian region such as Malaysia," he said, Friday (18/10).

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If previously halal label was issued by MUI and now it is the duty of BPJPH under Ministry of Religion, then the hope is Ministry of Religion must have halal label standard in order to penetrate Southeast Asian region.

In addition submitting the halal certificate, So questioned whether it could be done in each region or even through online channels to make it easier for entrepreneurs.

"If possible for halal certificates, it must also be fast, easy and inexpensive," he said.

Disperindag immediately socializes.

While Batam City Industry and Trade Department through its Head, Gustian Riau will take the first step together with business people in Batam.

"First, of course we will socialize this halal label regulation back to entrepreneurs and SMEs. I think it has been a long time since we informed this regulation to business actors, "Gustian said, Friday (10/18)

He mentioned that all SMEs or home industries till  business operators producing food for local consumption or import in Batam City must have halal certificate in accordance with applicable regulations.

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