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GOLD PRICE TODAY - Increase IDR 4,000, Antam Gold Position at IDR 755,000

Price of one gram Antam gold fragments on Thursday (10/31) was at IDR 755,000. Here are Antam's gold bar price and taxes in other fractions per day.

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Illustration of Precious Metals - The price of certified gold bars in Logam Mulia owned by PT Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) moved higher.

Quoting Precious Metals website, the price of one gram Antam Gold fragments on Thursday (10/31) was at IDR 755,000.

The price increase IDR 4,000 from Wednesday (10/30).

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Meanwhile, price of Antam's gold buyback rose IDR 3,100 to IDR 674,000.

Here are Antam's gold bar price in other fractions per day and includes tax:

0.5 gram: IDR 402,000
1 gram: IDR 755,000
5 grams: IDR 3,595,000
10 grams: IDR 7,125,000
25 grams: IDR 17,705,000
50 grams: IDR 35,335,000
100 grams: IDR 70,600,000
250 grams: IDR 176,250,000
500 grams: IDR 352,300,000
1,000 grams: IDR 701,600,000

Logam Mulia Antam sells gold and silver bars in a number of weights (for example 1 gram, 2 gram and 500 gram).

Usually the price per gram of Antam gold will differ depending on the weight of trunk.

This difference occurs because there are additional costs for printing, so the price per gram of gold Antam small bars are more expensive than larger bars.

The price here is per gram of 1 kilogram gold bar which is usually used as a benchmark for gold business people.

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