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Finally, Commercial Planes Able to Park at Matak Airport Apron

DPRD revealed Matak Airport could finally let commercial planes to park. Previously, Commercial aircraft must wait for one of other planes to take off

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Matak Airport, located in Palmatak District, Anambas Islands. - Previously, Matak Airport, located in Palmatak District, Anambas Islands Regency could not park more than two aircraft.

As a result, commercial aircraft must wait for one of other planes to take off, in order to park the aircraft in apron.

This was revealed by Member of Regional Representative Council (DPRD) Anambas Jasril Jamal, since two months ago he has been coordinating with SKK Migas company.

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"About a few months ago I was coordinating with this company from K3S, so it would not become an obstacle, and it has been possible for the plane to arrive in a month, so we don't have to wait for other planes to take off first before commercial aircraft can enter," he said. Jasril to Tribun Sunday (3/11/2019).

He also said that it had been almost a year for commercial aircraft wishing to park in the apron had to wait for company's planes to take off.

"As the member of Anambas DPRD, would like to express my deepest gratitude to the company that has provided facilities to Anambas Islands Regency government, which also facilitates developments in Anambas," Jasril said.

Beside commercial aircraft that can park at Apron, now to check in or take baggage is not outside.

"Previously baggage claim and check-in were done in the village, and thank God now the company, especially Medco Energi, has made it easy for us to collect baggage and check it out by providing facilities for passengers in their pavilion," he continued.

The hope for Members of Anambas Islands Regency DPRD conveyed by Jasril, that baggage can be collected directly at the airport and not to wait long.

Commercial aircraft operating at Matak Airport are Express Air airlines that fly 3 times a week. ( Tika)

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