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Now at Wendy's, Buy 2 Burgers Only IDR 50 Thousand, Valid Until 8 November

Welcoming Wendy's 50th birthday, they gives promo of 2 premium burgers priced at only IDR 50 thousand. Wendy's promo applies at all Wendy's outlets.

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Wendy's currently held promo for two burgers is only IDR 50 thousand. - Welcoming Wendy's 50th birthday, people could enjoy affordable meal packages.

Restaurant General Manager of Wendy's Batam, Sriyono said, currently the promo can be enjoyed by public is 2 premium burgers priced at only IDR 50 thousand.

This Wendy's promo applies at all Wendy's outlets. Including in Batam.

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"Promotion will take times from 4 to 8 November 2019, valid at all Wendy's outlets, including in Batam," he said, Monday (11/04/2019).

In the burger package, Wendy's presents three burger variants namely, Single’s Dave, Single Stacker and Spicy Cheese Beefanator.

"Later, consumers can choose between Single’s Dave and Single Stacker or Single’s Dave with Spicy Cheese Beefanator," Sriyono explained.

In Batam, Wendy's outlets can be found at Mega Mall Batam Centre and Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Beside burger promo package, Wendy's also provides a total of 5 meal packages that are named satisfied packages.

For visitors who buy Puas 1 Package, they will get small sized fried chicken, rice and coca-cola.

As for the purchase of Puas 2 Package, it consists of beef burger, small fries and one small size coca-cola.

"Other burger choices in Puas 3 Package consist of crispy chicken burgers, small fries and small size coca cola.

For those who want to eat spaghetti there is also beef spaghetti in Puas 4 Package served with french fries and small size coco-cola," explained Sriyono.

The most unique, Wendy's presents a menu of baked potatoes smothered in sause bolognese.

"Baked potatoes can also be enjoyed in Puas 5 package along with small size coca-colas," Sriyono explained.

Five packages can be enjoyed by visitors with only IDR 20 thousand from the normal price of IDR 32 thousand to IDR 44 thousand. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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