Addicted to Online Games Can Interfere Psychics, Bintan Health Department Asks Parents to Proactive

Bintan Health Department asks children and teenagers in Bintan to reduce playing online games. Because it's could impact psychological disorders.

Addicted to Online Games Can Interfere Psychics, Bintan Health Department Asks Parents to Proactive
Online game illustration. - Bintan Health Department (Dinkes) asks gamers who are dominated by students in Bintan Region to reduce playing online games.

This was conveyed by Head of Bintan District Health Department, Dr. Gama Isnaeni following a case of psychological disorders in other City Areas due to addiction of playing online game.

"For Bintan Regency, Alhamdulillah, there are no residents or students who have experienced psychological disorders, but we will continue to monitor them," he said, Monday (11/04/2019).

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Gama also said that the dangers of online game play for children and teenagers are indeed very vulnerable.

The reason is, in the current technological advancements, children and teenagers have followed it.

Therefore, parents are encouraged to participate in controlling their children in the use of mobile phones and when going to internet cafe.

Don't get addicted to playing online games.

"The problem is that parental involvement also has a significant impact on efforts to suppress the craze of children and students in online game play," he said.

Gama also explained that so far there had not been found any victims of psychological disorders for students due to addiction to online game play in the Bintan Regency area.

However, he continues to take steps to anticipate such events in other areas, so it does not happen to children and teenagers in Bintan.

Health Department together with Puskesmas and RSUD through Mental health program also monitored the existence of psychological disorders cases due addiction to playing online games.

"We also take anticipatory steps on school. So we also ask for help from the school and parents, to gives limit playing online game because the impact is very real which can lead to psychological disorders," he concluded. ( simamora)

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