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BP Batam Receives National Procurement Award 2019 From LPSE

BP Batam received " National Procurement Award 2019 " from LPSE. This award was received by BP Batam because commitment implementing LPSE Standard.

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BP Batam received " National Procurement Award 2019 " at Jakarta Convention Center Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/06/2019) afternoon. - Batam Business Entity (BP) received " National Procurement Award 2019 " from Indonesian Government Goods / Services Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP).

This award was received by BP Batam for the achievement of Electronic Batam Procurement Services (LPSE) BP Batam for its commitment in implementing 2014 LPSE standard based on LPSE data indicators that meet 17 standards until October 2019 on the implementation by Head of LKPP RI Regulation No. 9 of 2015 concerning Improvement of Electronic Procurement Services .

Deputy Head of BP Batam, Purwiyanto, after receiving the award said this achievement was a tangible proof of commitment and integrity in implementing electronic procurement provisions.

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"This is the beginning of achievements for various stages and the initial improvement of BP Batam in the future in carrying out procurement which is expected to be more efficient, obtain good results and human resources with more integrity, so in the future BP Batam will be of higher quality and value," he said.

Purwiyanto said HR development under the leadership of H Muhammad Rudi within BP Batam was the key to his party's success.

"Of course this is the result of implementing sustainable HR development by following the training and integrity attitude of every employee at BP Batam," he said.

He also appealed for the award received as a motivation for implementation of electronic goods procurement in the regions.

"One thing to stress is to work spiritually," he said.

National Procurement Award 2019 by LKPP RI is the second time, after in 2013, during leadership of BP Batam Head Mustofa Widjaja received an award for the transformation of goods and services procurement from e-Procurement Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to LKPP LPSE.

National Coordination of Procurement of Goods and Services 2019 was opened by President Joko Widodo took the theme "Transformation of Supervision in Digital Age for Advanced Indonesian HR".

The award was given directly by Deputy of LKPP Information Evaluation and Development Monitoring System, Sarah Sadiqa, to BP Batam Deputy Chief, Purwiyanto, and witnessed by Head of LKPP, Roni Dwi Susanto, at Procurement National Coordination Meeting 2019 at Jakarta Convention Center Building, Jakarta. Wednesday (11/06/2019) afternoon. ( Uly Sianturi)

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