Tried to Run Away, International Narcotics Network Shot Dead in Batam

An international narcotics network shot dead by police for trying to escape. Circulation of narcotics in Riau Islands Province also became a concern.

Tried to Run Away, International Narcotics Network Shot Dead in Batam Nusantara
Drug exposure, an international narcotics network subject on Wednesday (11/06/2019) - Circulation of narcotics in Riau Islands Province also became a concern of Indonesian National Police (Polri).

Especially a few days ago, one of the fugitives from international narcotics network named Edi Johan was shot dead by police for trying to escape.

Deputy Chief of Kepri Police, Brigadier General Yan Fitri said, officers were forced to take decisive and measurable action for Edi Johan, an international narcotics network offender.

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Because he tried to run away, after being given the first warning shot.

"The officer took firm and measured action for Edi Johan. Because he tried to escape, after being given the first warning shot he ignored him," explained Deputy Chief of Riau Islands Police,  Brigadier General Yan Fitri, while chairing a press conference at Bhayangkara Hospital in Batam on Wednesday (6/11 / 2019) evening.

According to him, at that time Edi Johan was taken by officers to uncover other fugitives in the circulation of this international narcotics network.

"He (Edi Johan) brought to find the figure of Mr. X who is still at large. He is an inseparable figure from this circulation," continued Yan Fitri.

Beginning of this disclosure, according to him, originated from the success of Directorate of Criminal Drugs Criminal Investigation Police with Riau Islands Police arrested the figure of Hengki, one of perpetrators in this international network.

From Hengki, a development was carried out to find other groups in the network.

"Indeed, the disclosure was quite long, about three months. From Hengki find by Akiong and Apeng a.k.a Edi were found who controlled it from Tanjungpinang prison," he said.

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