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Fat Does Not Merely Make You Fat, Fat Can Actually Help Your Diet

For those who are very calculating calorie intake, Fat can be a very terrible nutrition because it's more dense in calories.
Healthy foods that contain healthy fats or omega 3 Fat is often regarded as an "evil character" who is the culprit of weight gain.

In fact, fat consumption actually does not automatically make us fat. The thing that makes us fat is consuming too much macronutrients (fat, protein or carbohydrates) which results in an increased risk of weight gain. 

The terminology of fat itself is somewhat misleading, but this has a reason.

For those who are very calculating calorie intake, fat can be a very terrible nutrition because it is more dense in calories.

One gram of fat contains nine calories. This figure is greater than one gram of protein or carbohydrate which only contains four calories. 

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People often think simply that eating fat will make the body form more fat so that you gain weight.

In fact, weight gain if we eat processed foods, unhealthy foods or consistently overeat, including fat, but the fat itself does not immediately make you gain weight. 

Fat to help diet

Instead of making fat, fat can actually help us lose weight.

Weight loss can occur because they replace simple carbohydrates and sugar with healthy fats, such as nuts.

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