Trade War, Trump Snapped Back China and Blames Obama

However, he blamed the previous US leadership under the authority of Barack Obama for allowing this to happen.
Illustration of US and China trade war - United States President Donald Trump reignited an attack on China. Trump said China is a country that cheats US trade.

However, he blamed the previous US leadership under the authority of Barack Obama for allowing this to happen. 

"Since China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001, no one has manipulated and used the US. US trade is better (other than China). I would not say the word 'cheating', but no one can cheat as well as China has done. , "Trump said, quoting CNBC, Wednesday (11/13/2019). 

The statement at the same time broke the peace plan between the two parties which sought to complete the first phase of the agreement to ease some tariffs. Moreover, the details of the potential peace agreement are still unclear.

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The US is pushing for a more open market and eliminating intellectual property theft. Meanwhile, China wants Washington to reduce about 250 billion US dollars in tariffs imposed since the trade war began. 

Instead of blaming China, Trump instead said that previous leaders who negotiated trade agreements made possible the manipulation of the agreement, with results that hurt American workers, especially those in the manufacturing industry.

China is not alone in dealing with conflicts with the US. Trump also blamed the European Union for trading practices that were claimed to be unfair. 

"Many countries impose unusually high tariffs on us or create impossible trade barriers. And to be honest, that the European Union is very, very difficult. The obstacles they face are terrible, in many ways worse than China," Trump said.

Until now there has been no comment from Chinese President Xi Jinping about Trump's chatter. Trade negotiations which are planned to be agreed on in December 2019 are also still not certain. (*) 

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