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3 Second Kids Add Collections For Children's Denim Pants

3 Second released special collection of children for 3 Second Kids with denim pants. Previously 3 Second Kids clothing were only available for shirts.
Sales 3 Second showing collection of children's clothing owned by 3 Second Kids. - One of most popular fashion brands in Indonesia, 3 Second released special collection of children who are members of 3 Second Kids.

Sales of 3 Second Batam, Nazib Firmansyah said that previously 3 Second Kids clothing collections in Batam City were only available for shirts, since November 2019 3 Second Kids added to their pants collection.

For pants collection at 3 Second Kids, it is only available for boys and is dominated by jeans or denim collections.

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"For the collection of pants in 3 Second Kids now available at 3 Second Kids Batam outlets, especially in 3 Second Mega Mall," Nazib said, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

As for the clothes collection, it can be used for boys and girls.

"There are several clothing collections for products such as T-shirts and sweaters.

Collection of 3 Second Kids can be used by children aged 6 to 12 years, "he said.

Nazib said, until mid-December 2019, collection of 3 Second Kids can be owned by the community at a discount of 20 percent and applies to all products.

Besides children's clothing collection, 3 Second brand also sells clothing for adults from superiors to subordinates, for both men and women.

In terms of price, T-shirt collections, especially for men's shirts, are priced at IDR 149 thousand and for men's shirts starting at IDR 319 thousand.

"For the women's t-shirt collection, it starts at IDR 119 thousand, while the pants start at IDR 449 thousand.

But for men's pants the price starts from IDR 469 thousand, "he continued.

In Batam, other than Mega Mall Batam Center, 3 Second can be found in other shopping centers, namely Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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