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Best Western Premier (BWP) Panbil Holds Ceramic Doll Painting Competition

Best Western Premiere (BWP) Panbil will hold ceramics painting competition at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. They want to celebrating Children's Day.
Participants who took part in ceramic doll painting competition with BWP Panbil Batam. - Children in Batam City could hone creativity through a competition held by Best Western Premiere (BWP) Panbil.

BWP Panbil Batam's Senior Marketing Communication Manager Hanna Kurniawati said, in the context of celebrating Children's Day, they held a unique competition.

If usually for painting the participants use canvas or paper media, but this time using ceramic media in their application.

Later, the ceramics painting competition will be held on Saturday (23/11/2019) at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

"This competition will involve two categories, namely for children aged 1 to 3 years and also children aged 4 to 6," said Hanna, Tuesday (11/19/2019).

Hanna said the competition was also an event to introduce ceramic media to children.

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Various ceramic models that will be decorated by children include various types of animals ranging from mice, rabbits, fish and others, so that children can hone creativity through painting techniques and also combination of colors.

Later, childrens who want to participate can pay registration fee of IDR 50 thousand by registering at BWP Panbil and entitled to bring home their work of painting.

"Participants do not need to worry about providing painting tools, because the committee has provided tools and painting media," Hanna explained.

Besides to ceramic painting competition, BWP Panbil will also hold other competitions.

The competition will be make-up contest that can be followed by mother and child, also there are Fun Cooking.

"This competition will have different assessment criteria, which must be tidiness, combination of colors, till timeliness of benchmark," said Hanna. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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