BP Batam Partners With Private To Planting Trees, Anticipating Water Crisis in Batam

BP Batam with PT TDK Electronics Indonesia planted 1,000 trees in Duriangkang Catchment Area. in order to increase the resilience for water supply.

BP Batam Partners With Private To Planting Trees, Anticipating Water Crisis in Batam
PT. TDK Electronics Indonesia in collaboration with BP Batam planted 1,000 trees in Duriangkang Catchment Area. It was held on Sunday (11/16/2019) and Monday (11/17/2019). - The importance of supplying raw water and anticipating clean water, PT TDK Electronics Indonesia in collaboration with Batam Business Agency (BP) through Water and Waste Management Office, also Directorate of Safeguards, planted 1,000 trees on a few days ago.

This planting is carried out in Duriangkang Catchment Area.

Head of BP Batam Water and Waste Management Office, Binsar Tambunan said this greening is part of water development program to tackle critical lands.

Planting trees as a manifestation of ongoing efforts.

This is to improve the condition of catchment area, in order to increase the resilience for water supply with good quantity, quality and continuity.

"We have always accommodated private involvement, both those directly related to water management and water availability such as ATB, a company that is concerned with the condition of water sources and catchment areas," he said.

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He considered this activity is a major program of water security in the present.

This effort needs to be done seriously and planned through Batam Integrated Total Water Management activities by utilizing the potential and optimizing all water sources, both clean water and dirty water.

"We really have to keep on working of greening, harvester procurement, mutual cooperation program to clean water hyacinth in DAM, and later there will be installation of two STTRs located in front of Kepri Mall and Duta Mas," he said.

Utilization of all potential water sources, he continued, as form of water mix optimization that continues to need be conceived and implemented in a planned manner.

For the fulfillment of raw water sources going forward, both to meet domestic needs and industrial areas.

"Greening can educate the public, and involve companies that channel their CSR to the availability of water," he continued.

Binsar added the utilization of water mix optimization efforts needs to be prepared to maintain water supply resilience in Batam.

Both originating from rain water (storm water), sea water (SWRO), and water from waste water recycling through WWTP (waste water treatment plant).

The types of trees are Saga, Andira and Banyan. This activity was held on Sunday (11/16/2019) and last Monday (11/17/2019). ( / Roma Uly Sianturi)

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