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All of the Job Seeker was Disappointed, Job Vacancies at Job Fair in Batamindo Not for the Operators

Job seekers who visited the Job Fair in the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) area of Batamindo, Muka Kuning Batam, were disappointed. Sitanggang
Job seekers thronged the Job Fair area in Batamindo, Batam, Friday (11/22/2019), BATAM - Job seekers who visited the Job Fair in the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) area of Batamindo, Muka Kuning Batam, were disappointed because there were no clear instructions for getting jobs in the event that was held by the Riau Islands Manpower, Batam and Apindo

Job seeker disappointment because from the beginning it was opened until the second day, there were no directives or the like that made it easier for job seekers to take part in the 2019 Job Fair in Batam

"From the first day to the second day, it's the same, there is no explanation," said Juanda Gultom.

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The most regrettable of job seekers is the e-employment website of the Ministry of Manpower which cannot be opened while in the QR Code.

"This may be due to the large number of registers, the system is down," Juanda said.

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He also said, the company that opened a booth at Batamindo only needed employees who had special skills. 

"So we, who are the only operators, have no position at this Job Fair," said Juanda.

Resmi, another job seeker also expressed her disappointment with the implementation of the Job Fair.

"This is needed only for certain positions, while those who come to the job fair are dominated by operators. To be honest, I am disappointed, this is just a lie," Resmi said.

She also said, the government should cooperate with companies that need employees in general. 

"If you send your application through the website and also the post office, it's useless," Resmi said. ( sitanggang/ichwan nur fadillah/dewiharyati/bereslumbantobing) 

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