Lots of Plot Offers on Social Media, Here's BP Batam Advice

There some offers to sell land through social media in Batam. Especially social media via Facebook accounts, offers land plots in some of Batam area.

Lots of Plot Offers on Social Media, Here's BP Batam Advice
BP Batam Asset Utilization Director, Dendi Gustinandar. - Recently, offers to sell land through social media are rife in Batam.

Especially social media via Facebook. monitoring on several Facebook accounts, offers land plots in Tanjungpiayu, Nongsa and some in Punggur.

Director of Promotion and Public Relations in Batam Business Agency (BP), Dendi Gustinandar, when confirmed, said the community was advised not to be tempted.

Because he said, since 2016, BP Batam has no longer issued permits for maturation of land allotment that ready for construction or KSB.

"We ask not to be tempted quickly, so resident couldn't become a victim. Now if asked whether the land is true, we don't know yet.

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Because there are some land rights that still unclear" he said, Wednesday (11/20/2019).

For this reason, for people who want more detailed information about land, BP Batam is widely open to provide information.

"Please come, bring supporting related data of land information that might be needed. But we recommend, to always be aware," he said.

As is known, the issue of buying and selling lots in Batam often occurs.

Like PT Prima Makmur Batam (PMB) case, consumers who allegedly sold plots in Punggur.

Thousands of people protested until hearing (RDP) at Batam City DPRD, because they felt disadvantaged about land permits.

The land was included in the protected forest area and has been labeled by Forest Service.

Not only that, recently there are still many plot problems after consumers pay off payments. ( halawa)

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