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First Present in Batam, 'Perfect Health' Offers Body Aching Solution Products

Perfect Health, first present in Batam City. Located at Gramedia BCS Mall, they sells massage chair at special offer price. Here's the details.

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Perfect Health staff showing their products, Perfection series massage chairs. - Have a health problem or just want to unwind after full day of activities?

For some people, doing massage is one solution.

If massage using a massage chair is usually found in shopping centers with rental system, now you can have your own massage chair at special offer price.

One of health product producers, Perfect Health is now first present in Batam City, precisely located at Gramedia BCS Mall.

Perfect Health carries health products, including massage chairs that present variety of different forms and functions.

Sales of Perfect Health, Yuda said one of superior massage chair series, Japan products namely Perfection.

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"This Perfection massage chair series is our flagship. Because, this series is very complete function and can be used from toe to head, "he said, Friday (11/22/2019) to

Yuda said, another advantage possessed by Perfection series massage chair is able to detect accuracy of body positions such as shoulders.

"That way our body position can be perfect when massage using this chair, so the benefits of massage can be more leverage," he said.

Beside Perfection series, Perfect Health also provides other massage chair choices in the form of Modish Sofa series and also KMS 4.

To have collection of these products, people have to spend from IDR 4 million after discount.

Until 30 November 2019, Perfect Health offers discounts of up to 70 percent for certain products.

"Besides massage chairs, there are still other health products such as Perfect Twin, namely special foot and hand massagers, and Perfect Sleek, special massager with prices each after discount of IDR 2,990 million and IDR 990 thousand," explained Yuda. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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