Beware! Snatchers Back in Action, Mother and Child in Sekupang Become Victims

A housewife became a victim of snatching, when returning from Pegadaian office at Jalan Sutami, Sekupang. Her child also suffered injuries on the face
Snatching victim was treated at Otorita Batam Hospital. - Due to snatching, a housewife (IRT), MT Sekupang residents had to endure the pain in her legs.

She became a victim of snatching, when returning from Pegadaian office at Jalan Sutami, Sekupang, Batam City, Friday (11/22/2019).

Sekupang Sector Police Chief, AKP Ulil Rahman said the snapping incident was currently being handled by his party.

Ulil said, due to snatching, a mother and her child suffered minor injuries.

The incident began when the victim returned from Pegadaian.

On a way not far from Pegadaian, the victim saw two men riding together on motorbikes following her.

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At that moment, the perpetrator (snatch) immediately grabbed her cycle from the left side and pulled the bag until she fell.

As a result, the mother suffered injuries on the back of right leg, while her child, AD (6) suffered injuries on the face, arms and legs.

"The two victims were rushed to Otorita Batam Hospital," Ulil said.

He continued, his party had come to the scene and saw the victim in hospital.

For that incident, there was no material loss experienced.

The police chief also appealed to the public to be careful in carrying luggage using two-wheeled vehicles. (

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