Increasing Supply Reliability, ATB Performs Transmission Pipeline Interconnection Work

ATB carries out work of transmission pipelines interconnection. This will carry out in several areas, from Duriangkang, Simpang Bagan, Tanjung Piayu .

Increasing Supply Reliability, ATB Performs Transmission Pipeline Interconnection Work
Work of installing transmission pipe control system. - In order to increase the quantity, quality and continuity of clean water supply to customers, ATB carries out work to strengthen supply at five different points.

Interconnection of transmission pipelines is carried out in several areas, from Duriangkang, Simpang Bagan, Tanjung Piayu to Kepri Mall.

"Some work is done to increase supply for customers from Duriangkang line to Tanjung Uncang till Batam Center," said Maria Jacobus, ATB's Head of Corporate Secretary.

Work is scheduled for Wednesday (11/27/2019) starting at 20:00 WIB until most of the work is done on the 400-800 mm diamenter transmission pipe.

Starting with the installation of 600 DK gatevalve, 600 DK-KP transmission line interconnection, PIA 800-DN 400 Piayu interconnection, install 600 Simpung Kepri Mall plunger valve and 400 Simp transmission line interconnection. Keprimall

During the work, water supply from Duriangkang water treatment plant did not flow temporarily.

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"This step certainly must be done, the goal is to increase supply to customers so that it is better. Hopefully our team can complete the work faster and can flow the supply back to the customer," Maria said.

As for the customer affected areas from work are: Bukit Kemuning, Barelang, Panbil, Sukajadi, Anggrek Mas, Legend, Duta Mas, Plamo, Batam Center Industries, Marchelia, Seruni, Beverly, Casablanca, TOP 100 Flats, Waheng, Malay Market, Tanjung Uncang, Tg Uncang Harbor, Sagulung, Marina City, Harris Resort, PLN Panaran, Yonif 134, Lapas, Kav Sagulung Berseri, Kav Lama and surroundings

"Customers in the affected areas are expected be able to prepare water reservoirs for use as needed, before the water supply is interrupted," hoped Maria.

The work of connecting ATB transmission pipe is expected to be completed according to estimated time specified, if there are no technical obstacles in the field.

After the work is done, water supply will flow gradually during the recovery period.

"After the work is done, water supply flows in stages, the closest customers from the production area get the earlier supply, whereas customers who are at the end of pipeline and are at high elevation will need time to get water," Maria said.

For further information please contact ATB Call Center (0778) 467111, or inbox on Batam ATB fanpage.

ATB apologize for any inconvenience caused. (*)

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