Sri Lanka Journalists Enthusiastically Visit Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque in Batam

Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque get visited by 18 tour operators and journalists from Sri Lanka. They want to explore Batam and Bintan for four days.

Sri Lanka Journalists Enthusiastically Visit Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque in Batam
Group of tour operators and journalists from Sri Lanka visited Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque, Wednesday (11/20/2019) - 18 tour operators and journalists from Sri Lanka visited Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah Mosque in Batuaji, Batam, Riau Islands, last Wednesday (11/20/2019).

Their fam trip was sponsored by Embassy of Republic Indonesia (KBRI) for Sri Lanka, specifically to explore Batam and Bintan for four days and three nights.

Before visiting Sultan Mosque, the group first stopped at largest monastery in Southeast Asia, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple in Sei Panas and Bukit Klara, "Welcome to Batam."

One journalist from Sri Lanka media, Savithri said, he felt very happy to see directly the newest religious tourism icon in Batam City.

They looked very enthusiastic taking pictures and talking together in digging information about the largest mosque in Sumatra.

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"In our place, there are four types of religions namely Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, so we also want to see the place of worship directly in Batam. It turned out that everything was good, "said Savithri.

Wearing special clothes prepared for non-Islam visitors using long robes, they went around to see the mosque building which was inaugurated for use on September 20.

Not only looking at the building, group of Muslims took the time to Zuhur prayer.

Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata hopes that the presence of Sri Lanka entourage could help the government in promoting Batam tourism objects, especially Batam's newest religious tourism object to Sri Lanka.

That way, through this promotion will eventually be able to increase the number of Sri Lankan tourists visiting Batam. (*)

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