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Buccheri Members Get More Profitable Shopping, Gives Up To 70 Percent Discounts

Buccheri provides special prices for their product, and giving discounts of up to 70 percent for certain products. This promo held during November.
Buccheri showing shoe collections. - One of the well-known footwear products, Buccheri provides special prices during November.

Buccheri Batam employee, Fazri said currently his party was giving special prices and discounts of up to 70 percent for certain products.

"This Buccheri promo applies to all Buccheri stores in Batam, namely at Mega Mall Batam Center and at Nagoya City Walk," Fazri told, Tuesday (11/26/2019).

For this type of shoes, Buccheri provides variety of models ranging from women's shoes, men to children.

Bucchery's men shoe products have two different types of shoes namely, Signature and ordinary.

"The difference comes from the choice of skin type, Bucchery Signature is made from goat skin. Whereas ordinary Bucchery is made from cow leather," he said.

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Meanwhile, the different models of women's Buccheri shoes are grouped into three categories, namely BC Buccheri, Buccheri Style and ordinary Buccheri.

The price is, visitors can get Buccheri shoe products with variety of nominal.

For example, men's shoes collection starts from IDR 699 thousand for the type of loafers, women's shoes start from IDR 249 thousand, and children's shoes start from IDR 289 thousand.

"Most visitors come here to look for classic model shoes, usually worn for work or for formal occasions," he explained.

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