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Welcoming Christmas and New Year 2020, Here's Lion Air Preparation

Lion Air did some preparations for Christmas and New Year 2020. To ensure smooth operations, they comply and run according to operational standards.

Warta Kota
Lion Air Plane. - Lion Air airline is making preparations ahead of Christmas and New Year (Nataru) 2020.

Contacted by, Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group, Danang Mandala Prihantoro said, in preparing for Nataru, Lion Air Group is committed to striving and providing the best flight services that are able to accommodate the needs of customers and public during this moment.

"To ensure smooth operations, we comply and run according to operational standards, prioritizing aspects of flight safety, security and comfort," Danang said, Thursday (11/28/2019).

Regarding extra flights or additional flight frequencies, Danang said Lion Air Group will do so if requests through reservations increase.

"First, we see the trend of market demand for flight services to and from Batam," he said.

Later, Danang said Lion Air Group will determine extra flights based on market analysis results for the best routes that have high demand, flight frequency and airport operational hours of departure and destination.

Hang Nadim Airport Batams Preparation For Christmas and New Year Celebration

"In improving service quality, Lion Air Group will focus more on serving cities with high traffic," he said.

Danang has not stated clearly whether the flight to and from Hang Nadim Airport in Batam is one of the cities that is projected to experience an increase in total of passengers ahead Nataru.

"Traditionally the route projected to increase demand at Nataru such as Jakarta to Medan, Jakarta to Kupang, Jakarta to Manado, Jakarta to Denpasar, Jakarta to Makassar, Jakarta to Ambon, Jakarta to Singapore, Surabaya to Makassar, Surabaya to Manado," he explained.

Furthermore, Lion Air Group has prepared fleet in the framework of Nataru including Airbus 330-900NEO in anticipation of surge in demand.

When asked whether the use of Airbus will also apply for some flights to and from Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, Danang said it would later be adjusted to total of passenger requests.

Regarding ticket prices, Lion Air Group still applies affordable tariffs.

"Ticket prices are still under the upper limit tariff corridor. Lion Air Group complies with the rules and regulations, "he said. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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