Malaysian Tanker Finds 3 Tanjungpinang Fishermen, Adrift in Anambas Waters

Tanjungpinang 3 fishermen was found by JM Sutera 2 Ship which is Malaysian tanker. This was conveyed by Tanjungpinang, Kepri Basarnas Public Relations

Malaysian Tanker Finds 3 Tanjungpinang Fishermen, Adrift in Anambas Waters
A fishing boat from Tanjungpinang found by Malaysian tanker, JM Sutera 2 around Anambas Islands waters, Riau Islands Province. Three fishermen were successfully evacuated by Tanjungpinang Basarnas Team. - Malaysian tanker JM Sutera 2 rescued 3 fishermen from Tanjungpinang who were adrift in the sea around Anambas Islands Regency waters, Riau Islands Province.

The condition of these 3 fishermen is weak, floating using a safety jacket.

This was conveyed by Tanjungpinang Basarnas Public Relations, Agung Satria.

"At that time we got an email from Singapore MRCC (11/30/2019) at four in the afternoon for evacuation of an Malaysian tanker rescuing Tanjungpinang fishermen," he said, Sunday (1/12/2019).

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KN Sar Purworejo 101 Tanjung Pinang, according to him, was mobilized going to location based on information.

Communication with JM Sutera 2 Ship fot evacuate 3 victims to the main pier of Basarnas Sekupang Batam.

"The victims were immediately treated after arriving in Batam," he said. (

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