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Lion Air Presents Lion Entertainment As Entertainment On The Go

Lion Air officially introduces new facilities of Lion Entertainment. Lion Entertainment can be connected via wireless inflight entertainment (W-IFE).

Lion Air passengers utilize Lion Entertainment facilities. - Now your trip is getting more interesting using Lion Air airline.

These airlines provide convenience for passengers in accessing the internet even if on a flight.

Lion Air officially introduces new facilities in the form of Lion Entertainment as entertainment in air travel (inflight entertainment) in the concept of wifi entertainment, on Saturday (7/12/2019).

Passengers who travel less than an hour or more than an hour will feel more pleasant.

Lion Entertainment can be connected via wireless inflight entertainment (W-IFE) from AirFi Indonesia which can be enjoyed from all smart phones (smartphones), tablets, laptops with operating systems (OS) - system software that regulates resources such as iOS, Android, Windows , BBM, Linux and others.

To access Lion Entertainment, each passenger follows some steps.

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First, change the rules (settings) of mobile phones to airplane mode.

Second, change the wifi connection on the cellphone and select "Lionair".

After succeeding, can enjoy Lion Air's wifi entertainment.

Passengers do not worry, Lion Entertainment guarantees privacy and security.

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