Foreign Tourists Enthusiastically Tried Weaving Tools at Grand Batam Mall

Foreign tourists tried weaving tools in Grand Batam Mall on Batam Fashion Week 2019 exhibition. This great tool is owned by weavers in Ngenang Island.

Foreign Tourists Enthusiastically Tried Weaving Tools at Grand Batam Mall
Foreign tourists try looms in Grand Batam Mall, Monday (9/12/2019). - Some of foreign tourists try looms in Grand Batam Mall.

The existence of this wooden loom becomes part of Batam Fashion Week 2019 exhibition.

"This loom turned out be interesting for tourists. Therefore they also tried it for a while," said Head of  Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata, recently.

This tool is owned by weavers in Ngenang Island.

The weavers are fostered by National Crafts Council of Regional (Dekranasda) in Batam.

"We also explained to tourists, there is a weaving village called Ngenang Island . And they are interested, "he said.

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There are 13 weavers trained by Dekranasda on Ngenang Island.

Beside training assistance, Dekranasda together with Batam City Government also provided equipment assistance.

"The production is indeed not much, can not meet the demand that is already quite a lot. But we continue to provide guidance, so more Ngenang people can weave, "he said.

In the future, Ngenang Island will be developed into a tourist village.

With its main activity is weaving.

Some houses will be trained to become homestays.

So the tourists come, stay at people's homes, enjoy the authentic atmosphere of island, and learn weaving.

"The concepts of tourism like this are expected to increase the length of stay for foreign tourists in Batam," said Ardi.

Foreign tourists who come from various countries could try this loom. One of them is a tourist from Turkey. (* / / rome uly sianturi)

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