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Anambas Began To Enter The North Wind, Fish Supply Still Safe

Anambas region has entered the north wind season. This is means hard for fishermen going to sea for catching fish. But not make fish stocks decline.

The activities of sellers at fish market in Anambas are still smooth. - At present, Anambas region has entered the north wind season with high waves and strong winds which make it hard for fishermen going to sea.

Even so, the activity of fish sellers in fish market is still smooth.

Strong waves in the northern season does not make fish stocks decline.

The fish that dominate, from monitoring are mackarel tuna fish or better known by Siantan residents with Simbok fish.

Abu Bakar, one of fish sellers, admitted that until now fish stocks are still running smoothly.

"We have not broken up our stock, it is still smooth now, but there are many more simbok," Bakar told, when met at the fish market location, Ahmad Yani sea nets, West Tarempa Village, Siantan District, Wednesday (12/11/2019).

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Other fish sellers are also seen selling the same fish as grilled.

For the price of mackarel tuna is quite cheap at this time.

"This is the medium size of IDR 25 thousand, for the big one is IDR 30 thousand," he explained.

Eni, as the buyer when asked whether the price is well offered, said it's was quite cheap.

"It's cheap, that's just big enough with IDR 25 thousand, usually if the fish is difficult, it can be expensive," said Eni.

Although the weather was less friendly, it did not dampen the activity of sellers and buyers quiet in the fish market. ( tika)

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