TODAY, Wednesday (11/12) BMKG Asks Batam Residents Beware of Extreme Weather

BMKG Class I Hang Nadim Meteorology Station gives early warning of weather and waves in Riau Islands. Rainfall with heavy intensity with lightning.

TODAY, Wednesday (11/12) BMKG Asks Batam Residents Beware of Extreme Weather Fahmi
Illustration bad weather. - Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Class I Hang Nadim Meteorology Station again issued an early warning of weather and waves in Riau Islands region, Wednesday (11/12/2019).

Head of Data and Information BMKG Class I Hang Nadim Meteorology Station, Suratman said today it is predicted to still experience local to heavy rain.

This was due to high humidity and the presence of a cyclone (wind) area around Natuna region.

Thus triggering the accumulation of air masses which increases the chance of rain clouds forming in Riau Islands region.

In general, today's weather conditions are forecast to moderate rainfall with heavy intensity accompanied by lightning and strong winds.

Rain will flush the areas of Nongsa District, North Bintan, Sebong Bay, Bintan Bay, Gunung Kijang, Coastal Bintan, Mantang, Senayang, Lingga, North Lingga, Lingga Timur, Subi, Tiga Island, Selatan Bunguran, Bunguran Tengah, Bunguran Tengah, Timur Bunguran , Jemaja, East Jemaja and surrounding areas.

Anambas Go International, Korea Include on Central Government Bid Target

And can extend to District of Galang, Tanjungpinang, Taopaya, North Bintan, Sri Kuala Lobam, Batam City, Bengkong, Sei Beduk, Batu Ampar, Sekupang, North Bunguran, Northeast Bunguran, Subi, Serasan, East Serasan and the surrounding areas.

This condition is predicted to continue until 09.00 WIB.

In addition to weather early warning, BMKG also issued an early warning of waves in Anambas and Natuna waters experiencing high waves.

It is not without reason, there is a pattern of circulation of wind speed in the north Malacca Strait which causes wave height.

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