Welcoming Christmas and New Year, Foreign Exchange Transactions in Batam Increase

Welcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations just counting the days, foreign exchange sale tend to increase. Cause many citizens want vacation.

Welcoming Christmas and New Year, Foreign Exchange Transactions in Batam Increase
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Foreign currency exchange activities at PT Banda Mustikamas, Batam, Tuesday (11/3/2015). - Towards Christmas and New Year celebrations, it is usually used by some Batam citizens for vacation.

Christmas and New Year (Nataru) 2020 celebrations that are just counting the days, foreign exchange sale transactions (forex) ahead of two days for celebration also tend to increase.

One of them happened at money changer located in Batam, namely PT Global Valasindo.

Through their teller, Hendri admitted that towards the end of the year, there was an increase for Batam citizens to make foreign exchange transactions.

"Indeed, increase in foreign exchange buying and selling near the end of the year occurs around 50 percent. The reason are many want to travel abroad, he said, Tuesday (12/10/2019).

According to Hendri, the type of foreign currency demanded by Batam citizens ahead of Nataru celebration developed.

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If most ordinary days of transaction were for Singapore dollar and Malaysian ringgit, ahead of Nataru Hendri said there were additional currencies such as Euro that were of public interest.

Hendri rate, it is not uncommon for Batam citizens who take advantage of holidays later this year to travel countries far enough away, such as to European Countries.

"Beside transactions carried out for personal gain, ahead of Nataru, foreign exchange transactions are also dominated by tour groups," he said.

Hendri said towards the end of the year, many travel packages in Batam offer special promos so the number of foreign exchange transactions also increases.

As for the trend of foreign exchange transactions in US dollars, Hendri said that amount was normal.

"The hope is getting closer to Nataru the price of foreign exchange remains stable and also the number of foreign exchange transactions continues to increase," he concluded.

Base on TribunBatam observations, the exchange rate of Singapore dollar until Tuesday (12/10/2019) afternoon was at IDR 10,298 while for US Dollar at IDR 14,002. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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