Tanjungpinang Customs Secures KM Puteri Setia, Bringing Goods Without Documents

KM Puteri Setia get caught by Tanjungpinang Customs and Excise because brought goods from free area to outside without documents. Here's the details.

Tanjungpinang Customs Secures KM Puteri Setia, Bringing Goods Without Documents
Puteri Setia Motor Boat (KM) secured by Tanjungpinang Customs. - Tanjungpinang Customs and Excise Puteri Setia Motor Boat (KM).

The ship allegedly carrying illegal goods was secured in Pelabuhan Rakyat Port area, Sei Jang Village, Bukit Bestari District, Tanjungpinang City, Tuesday (12/10/2019).

From the information gathered by, the ship is planned to sail to Tanjungbalai Karimun.

The arrest of this ship was justified by Head of Tanjungpinang Customs, Syahirul Alim through Public Relations division, Oka Setiawan Ahmad.

"It is true that we carried out an affirmation of KM Puteri Setia who allegedly brought goods from the free area to outside the free area without documents," he said, when confirmed, Wednesday (11/12/2019).

However, Oka has not been able to give a detailed statement, what items were brought by the ship.

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"From the number and types of goods are still under further research," he said.

He conveyed, at this time the ship had been secured, and was in the Port of Sri Payung, Kilometer 6, Tanjungpinang City.

"Already at Sri Payung Port. That's the Information we could only given first," he said. (Tribunbatam, id/endrakaputra)

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