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Expanding Business Units, Kawan Lama Retail Will Open 2 Selma Furniture Branches in Batam

Kawan Lama Retail will open two Selma Furniture branches directly in Batam. Selma Furniture will be present at Panbil Mall and Mall Botania 2 in Batam

Store Manager Informa Furnishing Batam Center, Jasrul explained the presence of new Kawan Lama Retail business unit in Batam, Selma Furniture. - Kawan Lama Retail develops its business in Batam City by presenting Selma Furniture.

Selma Furniture is a furniture store like Informa Furnishing with a middle low market segment.

Unmitigated, Selma Furniture will open two of its branches directly in Batam.

Store Manager Informa, Jasrul said Selma Furniture will be present at Panbil Mall and Mall Botania 2.

"It's like Informa, but the small one. The products are also different and the market segment taken is middle low," Jasrul said in Batuampar.

Selma Panbil Mall opens 19 December, while Selma Botania Mall 2 will open in January 2020.

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Selma Furniture Store Manager, Shelly Monalisa Silitonga explained Selma Furniture is a longtime retail business unit in the furniture field which has a store area of ​​under 2,000 square meters.

"Selma in Batam is the largest in nation with an area of ​​1,293 square meters and 1,600 square meters. In other areas the most is only 800 meters," Shelly Monalisa said.

Meanwhile, Selma MB2 Store Manager, Mega Anindita added that the presence of Selma Furniture has made Kawan Lama Retail more lively in Batam.

"The management of Kawan Lama wants every mall to have a representative of Kawan Lama. That's why we are here in Batam. We also only infiltrate markets that are far from Informa, because the mall class is also smaller," said Mega.

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