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Expanding Business Units, Kawan Lama Retail Will Open 2 Selma Furniture Branches in Batam

Kawan Lama Retail will open two Selma Furniture branches directly in Batam. Selma Furniture will be present at Panbil Mall and Mall Botania 2 in Batam

Store Manager Informa Furnishing Batam Center, Jasrul explained the presence of new Kawan Lama Retail business unit in Batam, Selma Furniture. 

Mega also said the product sold was not more than IDR 15 million.

"The price is below IDR 15 million. Informa Furnishing is more about lifestyle, Selma Furniture is more about providing basic needs," said Mega again.

Although the price range and market customers targeted are different, Shelly emphasized that the quality of products marketed at Selma Furniture is not inferior to Informa Furnishing.

The presence of Selma Furniture in Batam is also driven by the growth of furniture business by 20 percent from 2018 to 2019.

In 2020, Kawan Lama Retail also plans to open 17 Selma branches throughout Indonesia.

The presence of Selma Furniture has complemented the core business of Kawan Lama Retail which is already in Batam.

Such as Informa Furnishing in Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam Center, and Grand Batam Mall branches.

Then Ace Hardware which already has 4 branches namely in Nagoya Hill Mall, Sei Panas, Mall Botania 2 and Grand Batam Mall. Also Toys Kingdom and Chatime. (*)

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