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KFC Coffee Comes in Batam, Offering Various Coffee Mainstay Menu

KFC Batam also offers KFC Coffee. The restaurant is currently in operation and entering soft opening period. This is the newest KFC outlets in Batam.

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Visitors ordering food and drinks at KFC Coffee, in Fanindo Sanctuary Garden, Batam Center. - Not only offering its newest location in Batam, fast food restaurants known as fried chicken flour, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) also offers KFC Coffee.

According to KFC Coffee staff, Witha said restaurant is currently in operation and entering soft opening period.

"For the grand opening, we do not know yet, but for now it's still soft opening," she said, Friday (12/13/2019).

Regional Marketing KFC Sumatra Region, Ika Diah Rhanny said, the latest KFC outlets in Batam City, located in Fanindo Sanctuary Garden area, Batam Center does have different concept.

"Usually KFC in Batam only presents menus in general, besides usual menus available, we also provide KFC Coffee," she explained.

In KFC Coffee, visitors could enjoy serving coffee drinks prepared from the best coffee beans.

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Not only that, serving complementary menus such as pastries and donuts are also presented to complement the sensation of drinking coffee.

KFC Coffee is also provided with free wifi and 24-hour service every day.

The menus at KFC Coffee include ice lemon tea, strawberry ice tea, hot chocolate, iced milk coffee, cappuccino, espresso, cafe latte, and others with prices starting from IDR 8 thousand.

KFC outlets in Fanindo Complex consist of 2 floors with capacity of visitors reaching 184 people.

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