Wardah Holds Beauty Fair, Gives Attractive Promo and Additional Discounted Prices

Wardah held Beauty Fair agenda which runs until 31 December. They gives promo for all Wardah stores located at Matahari Department Stores in Batam.

Citizens hunting for Wardah products in Beauty Fair program. - Towards the end of year, a halal makeup brand namely Wardah, provides attractive promotions for public.

The promo is summarized in Beauty Fair agenda which runs until 31 December for all wardah stores located at Matahari Department Stores in Batam.

Beauty Advisor Wardah, Roza said the promo applies to cosmetic products and facial care products.

"What is special about this Beauty Fair, Wardah not only provides a one-time price discount, but there are two price discounts given for certain products," she explained, Thursday (12/26/2019).

She said Wardah provided post card that included list of products for additional price discounts located on the back of post card.

"One post card only applies to one product purchase," she said.

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For example, the spf 30 sunscreen gel product is priced at IDR 30,150 from the normal price of IDR 33,500.

During the beauty fair, by giving post card discount, consumers can get the product at price of IDR 25,125 only.

Not only that, cosmetic products for the face area are given other discounted prices, namely exclussive two way cake, exclussive flawless cover cushion, instraperfect mineraligh matte bb cushion, lightening bb cream, and others.

"For lip products, we give promos for velvet matte lip mousse, lip balm, lip tint, to lipstick," she explained.

While for people who want to find face care products at special prices, Wardah provides discounts of up to 25 percent for white secret series products, renew you series, lightening series, and much more.

"And on 30 December 2019 to 5 January 2020 Wardah will give discount of 25 percent for every purchase of two types cosmetic products," she concluded. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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