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ATB Provided Assistance and Trauma Healing to Victims of the Landslide Incident at Jodoh Market

PT Adhya Tirta Batam (ATB) again showed its concern for the citizens of Batam. Here's the details.

Photo with ATB Finance Director, Asril Hay, Lubuk Baja District Secretary, Muhammad Ramadhan Zuri and residents of victims of landslides in RT 4, RW 4, Tanjung Uma Village, Batam City, Friday (1/3/2020), BATAM -  The ATB directors descended directly on the landslide victims in RT 4 RW 4, Tanjung Uma Sub-District, Batam.

ATB came to bring aid in the form of 100 food packages, 50 packages of toiletries for children and clothes suitable for residents. Not only that, ATB also brought a special team to provide "Trauma Healing" to the children of disaster victims. 

"Trauma healing for children is a very important thing that we pay attention to. Therefore, our team also gives a touch through storytelling, "said ATB Finance Director, Asriel Hay at the location of the activity, Friday (1/3/2020).

Children are indeed vulnerable to trauma after facing a disaster. For example, panic, anxiety, and excessive fear. Therefore, trauma healing is very important for children after a disaster. 

According to Asriel, storytelling is one of the Trauma Healing methods that has proven effective for children. They can be more comforted and feel more calm and happy, so their panic and anxiety can be reduced.

Storytelling activities for children are carried out by Dona, one of the ATB Brand Ambassadors. The fable presented was titled "Patient Goat". In her fairy tale, Dona motivates children that patience always results in kindness. 

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When storytelling, accompanied by the ATB Mascot, Blublu. This combination is quite effective in distracting children from the incident that have befallen to them. Storytelling activities and the attractive Blublu are also able to make the children happy. 

"We believe that this activity will bring positive impacts that are quite efficient for children," Asriel explained.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Lubuk Baja District, Muhammad Ramadhan Zuri appreciated the activities carried out by ATB.

Not only providing food and toiletries, ATB was also able to provide motivation to residents affected by the disaster. 

"Thank you ATB, hopefully this assistance can ease the burden on our citizens and keep the spirit of managing the future," he explained. (*) 

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