Became New Destination, Raja Ali Haji Museum's Revitalization Will Be Completed

Raja Ali Haji Museum's revitalization in Batam will be completed soon. This place will be a new travel destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Became New Destination, Raja Ali Haji Museum's Revitalization Will Be Completed
Foreign tourists at former National MTQ building in Batam. The building will later become a museum and named Raja Ali Haji Museum. - Revitalizing Raja Ali Haji Museum in Batam, Riau Islands will complete soon.

The existence of Batam museum is expected to be a new attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

This was stated by Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Department, Ardiwinata.

"This museum is to meet the needs of Batam citizens and tourists to know the history of Batam's civilization.

Its revitalization work is almost complete," said Ardiwinata as a release received by, Friday (10/1/2020).

He stated, the museum could also be a new destination for students to learn about Batam culture.

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Because the concept displayed by museum located at Dataran Engku Putri, Batam Center illustrates the history of Batam,

From the time of Riau Lingga Kingdom to Batam now a days.

"The concept of timeline, starting from Kingdom of Riau Lingga, Netherlands, Temanggung Abdul Jamal, Japan, the period of Indonesian Independence, Kepri Regency Government, First Authority, BJ Habibie, Administrative City, entered Astaka History, Malay Khasanah, and infrastructure or Batam now," he explained .

The museum which was once the 25th National MTQ Astaka Building in 2014, built two floors.

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