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The Legality of Batam's Kampung Tua Continues, Amsakar Doubt 34 Points Can be Completed in a Year

Amsakar Achmad doubts that these 34 points can be completed within a year, although so far the settlement process is still ongoing.

Submission of land certificates for 3 points of Kampung Tua, at the Uniba Campus, Batam by the Minister of ATR RI, Sofyan Djalil, Friday (12/20/2019), BATAM - As many as 34 points from 37 points in Kampung Tua in Batam have not yet received a certificate. Deputy Mayor of Batam, Amsakar Achmad doubts that these 34 points can be completed within a year, although so far the settlement process is still ongoing. 

He admitted that 1456 certificates had been issued and the certificates were issued from the BP Batam HPL, which meant that the Annual Obligatory Money (UWT) was not owed at all. 

Previously after the distribution of the 3 points of the Kampung Tua certificate on December 20, 2019, the Head of the Batam Kampung Tua Legal Settlement Team, Yusfa Hendri said that his party would immediately proceed with the settlement of the Kampung Tua legality of 34 more points.

The technical team together with BPN Batam has coordinated. 

On Monday (1/6/2020) his party immediately took inventory again 34 points of Kampung Tua that had not been legalized.

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He said he had measured the area of all points of the Kampung Tua. 

He admitted, the next inventory is an inventory of contents. For example, whether there are already other PLs in the land, protected forests, which areas have HPL, which also have non-HPL.

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"We will solve them based on their respective problems," Yusfa said.

He continued, if there is an Kampung Tua that is in a protected forest then in accordance with the direction of the meeting in the ministry, the Batam Government proposed to the Ministry of Forestry to be excluded from the status of protected forest. And it has been written to the center. 

Meanwhile, if in the Kampung Tua there were apparently free areas and no PL, the Kampung Tua could be a priority for exclusion. So the term, in the vast area of the Kampung Tua, there are persials that were issued first.

Yusfa claimed that he would try his best to solve this problem. Because, not all of them are in the technical team but related to other institutions. ( / Roma Uly Sianturi)  

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