Seranggong Becomes Seizure of Residents and Entrepreneurs, Here's Vice Mayor Explanation

Seranggong becomes seizure of residents and entrepreneurs. Vice Mayor of Batam said he was still looking for solutions, the best solution for citizen

Seranggong Becomes Seizure of Residents and Entrepreneurs, Here's Vice Mayor Explanation
Seranggong is believed to qualify as an old village by Chairman of Batam Heritage Unit (RKWB), Mazmur Ismail. - Vice Mayor of Batam, Amsakar Achmad admitted that so far he was still looking for solutions to Kampung Seranggong problem.

This decision must be fair between entrepreneurs and citizens.

"Seranggong has been reunited between the envoy, local community, and landowners. There have been 2 meetings. Last yesterday with Secretary and Assistant government," said Amsakar, Tuesday (01/14/2020).

He asserts, would be to find alternative solutions and did not hinder the investment plans that were provided.

On the other hand how is the best solution for citizens.

"As the government, will facilitate the meeting point. It has also met with entrepreneurs and RKWB," said Amsakar.

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Is Seranggong include the Old Village section or not? Amsakar seemed reluctant to comment on this matter.

"The technical will be addressed later through Yusfa (Head of Technical Team)," said Amsakar.

Previously some residents of Kampung Seranggong, Sadai Village, Bengkong Subdistrict, Batam City had resisted forced demolition activities by PT Pesona Bumi Barelang (PBB).

Chairman of Batam Heritage Unit (RKWB), Machmur Ismail said the refusal of demolition houses activities was due to PT UN conducting activities without notice and compensation to affected communities.

"Around 70 houses will be affected here. On an area of ​​3.6 hectares, this morning suddenly the company demolished without notice to us," he said, Thursday (01/09/2020).

He said the company even carried out the demolition in rude manner.

Some people were hit by fist when defending their houses to be demolished.

Regarding the demolition of several houses by PT PBB, the community loss has reached more than IDR 1 billion.

Responding to this, he asked the police, Batam Government, and BP Batam to act fairly on this issue. ( Uly Sianturi)

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