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KNPI Jemaja asks for the Re-Installed of the Unique Name Street at Letung Airport, This's the Aim

Remember the name of the street that was once viral at Letung Airport, Bukit Padi Village, Jemaja District last year?

Signposts of street at Letung Airport area, Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands were revoked Wednesday (04/09/2019). - Remember the name of the street that was once viral at Letung Airport, Bukit Padi Village, Jemaja District, Anambas Islands last year?

The name of the road was reportedly removed because it reaped the pros and cons.

But now the unique name of the street at Letung Airport is being asked by young people who are members of the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) of Jemaja District to be re-installed. 

They wanted that unique name of the street to be re-installed.

Therefore, the unique name of the street could be a photo spot for tourists and passengers from outside the area and within the region. 

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Further said, Letung Airport should not rush to revoke the unique name of that street.

Previously, the name of the street had received criticism from the Jemaja community in Tanjungpinang. 


Muhadir, head of the KNPI Jemaja when contacted via WhatsApp on Thursday (1/16/2020) said that, his party was ready to help to install the name of the street if Letung Airport was willing to re-install the unique street name. 

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"I don't think it's a problem with the name of the street, because it doesn't contain any negative elements, it's unique, and certainly visitors who see it become interested in taking selfies," he explained.

Meanwhile, when Muhadir conveyed this intention, the Letung Airport agreed. However, it is not certain when it will be reinstalled. 

"We just pray that the name of the street will soon be re-installed, cause that signposts can be a form of our promotion to passengers or tourists who come to Letung Airport." he concluded


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