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Assaulting the Online Taxi Driver til Hospitalized, This Man was Secured by Batam Police

Some time ago, there was a commotion again between online taxi drivers and conventional taxis in the Batam Center area, Batam City.

AMH, one of three perpetrators of an online taxi driver beating in Batam was secured by the police on Saturday (1/18/2020), BATAM - Conflict between conventional taxi drivers and online taxis in Batam City is endless.

The related parties are also considered to haven't acted decisively on the issue.

Some time ago, there was a commotion again between online taxi drivers and conventional taxis in the Batam Center area, Batam City. 

From the commotion, an online taxi driver became a victim of a beating and had to be hospitalized at the Graha Hermine Batu Aji Hospital in Batam.

Opsnal Team III Subdit Jatanras Ditreskrimum Riau Islands Police, Opsnal Barelang Police and Batam City Police moved quickly on residents' reports.

They secured a mob attack on an online taxi driver on Saturday (1/18/2020). 

The Riau Islands Regional Police, Senior Commissioner Pol Arie Dharmanto conveyed that the beatings occurred on Wednesday (1/15/2020) in front of the Mega Mall in Batam.

That was based on the Police Report no: LP-B / 47 / I / 2020 / SPKT-Resta Barelang, January 15, 2020 with the victim BR. 

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Arie explained, the beating incident began when the victim was contacted by his friend and said he was confronted by a conventional taxi driver at the Mega Mall Batam parking exit. 

"The victim came to the location and intends to separate, but the perpetrators who numbered three people beating the victim in the lips, nose and stomach so the victim must be hospitalized and treated at Graha Hermine Batu Aji Batam City," said Arie.

Arie said, following up on the incident, the Opsnal Team conducted a search of the perpetrators and after the search, the team managed to secure one of the three identified perpetrators. 

The perpetrators who succeeded in securing the initials AMH and against two other perpetrators are still in the People's Search List (DPO).

Next, AMH was taken to Batam City Police Headquarters for further investigation. ( 

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