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Welcoming Chinese New Year 2020, Kemboja Tanjungpinang Residents Cleaned The Sea

Welcoming Chinese New Year 2020, Kemboja village residents hold mutual cooperation and clean up the sea.Mayor of Tanjungpinang also gives appreciation KAPUTRA
Residents of Kelurahan Kamboja held mutual cooperation for welcoming Chinese New Year. - Welcoming Chinese New Year 2020 that will be celebrated on January 25, 2020, Kemboja village residents and all village officials hold mutual cooperation and clean up the sea.

The activity was held in the surrounding area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKampung Tambak, Plantar Alibaba and Plantar Datok on Monday (01/20/2020) morning.

Based on's observation, there was a cohesiveness among the participating communities in the mutual cooperation.

Visible togetherness, even though different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions, do not dampen the spirit to maintain environmental cleanliness.

Mayor of Tanjungpinang Syahrul also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all those who participated in the mutual  cooperation.

"Thank you and highest appreciation to all parties who helped make Tanjungpinang clean," he expressed his appreciation.

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He also said, awareness in cleaning the environment is part of our worship and our responsibility for the realization of healthy and comfortable place to live.

Because, cleaning the environment is not only to commemorate religious holidays, or certain moments, but must be carried out at all times.

"I invite all citizens in Tanjung Pinang City, let's take care of cleanliness, throw garbage in its place, so our city is clean, and avoid things we don't want," he said. (

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