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Cautious of Corona Virus, 2 Referral Hospitals Prepared by Batam Health Department

Batam City Health Department take steps for anticipate and prevent the entry of corona virus enter Batam. 2 hospitals that were alerted to prepared.

Coronavirus. - Batam City Health Department continues to take steps for anticipate and prevent the entry of Corona virus which is currently being endemic in Wuhan, China.

Head of Batam City Health Department, Didi Kusmarjadi said his party and Ministry of Health Batam City Port alerted thermal scanners at some seaports.

The aim is to detect every citizen who enters Batam, especially those who have just traveled from abroad.

"In particular there is no special effort we did, because this virus is not much different from the mars virus yesterday, the current transmission system can already occur between humans to humans," Didi said when contacted by reporters on Wednesday (1/22/2020 ) night.

The ports that are controlled are Sekupang International Ferry port, Harbourbay, Batam Center, Nongsa and some local ports that are considered congested in and out of passengers.

"And last at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, especially now that there are Batam-China flight routes, though not very often," he explained.

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Beside to installing thermal scanner detection device, his party has also gathered the head of Puskesmas in Batam and given an understanding of Corona virus.

In fact, he said if the health center found similar symptoms or approached to immediately coordinate with hospitals that have been appointed to treat patients suspected of being infected or affected Corona virus symptoms.

"If there are patients who have a fever and there is a history from far away, then we recommend to be referred to hospital," he said.

He explained, for hospitals that were alerted to deal with symptoms of Corona virus, namely Embung Fatimah Hospital and RSBP Batam Hospital.

"For the time being, these two hospitals alone, and we believe these two hospitals have adequate isolation space to deal with viruses that can cause death," he explained.

However, Didi hopes Batam citizens will not panic and remain vigilant, especially if they experience symptoms of fever, coughing with difficulty breathing, to immediately go to the nearest hospital.

Beside that, always wash hands with methamphetamine and rinse for at least 20 seconds then dry with a towel.

"The most important thing is to avoid the livestock market and close contact with patients who have symptoms of respiratory tract infections," he said.

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