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Rainy Season Comes To Batam, Waste Becomes The Problem

Environmental cleanliness is still very minimal in Sagulung and Batuaji areas. Channel from Batuaji to Langkai River is stuck by garbage under bridge.
Waste in Langkai River, Sagulung District, Batam City, Riau Islands Province. - Public awareness of environmental cleanliness is still very minimal in Sagulung and Batuaji areas of Batam.

This can be seen when it rains.

Some of drainage channels are still filled with garbage.

As seen in the main drainage channel which is a channel of water from Batuaji to Langkai River, garbage is stuck under the bridge.

Not only that, garbage can also be seen in the body of drainage channel, which is in Sei Langkai village, Sagulung district. monitoring in the field, Tuesday (01/21/2020), after heavy rain fell and rain subsided, garbage was seen carrying water into drainage channel.

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It is feared that this could result in siltation and also could result in blocked drainage channels.

The main drainage channel that runs in Graha Nusa Batam housing complex, is a channel of water from Batuaji, heading to the sea.

Trash that is washed away by the water will drift up to the sea.

It is feared that this could lead to degradation and damage to marine ecosystem.

Previously, Batuaji Ridwan sub-district chief urged the public not to throw away any garbage, aside from causing siltation.

Such rubbish can cause drainage channels to clog up.

While Batam city government is currently incessantly normalizing dredging and cleaning of canals.

"If the community continues to dispose of rubbish arbitrarily, it could be the drainage could cause flooding," Ridwan said. ( Sitanggang)

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