50,000 Ships Crossing Malacca Strait Every Year, Batam Don't Just Be The Spectators

Ministry for Economic Affairs in Republic Indonesia expressed his optimism about Ship to Ship Floating Storage Unit (STS FSU) operations in Batam.

50,000 Ships Crossing Malacca Strait Every Year, Batam Don't Just Be The Spectators
TSecretary of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in Republic Indonesia (Sesmenko Ekonomi) was accompanied by Deputy BP Batam Purwiyanto and Sjahril Japarin's Member of Business when opening FGD in Jakarta. 

He said, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Republic Indonesia would harmonize the policies that had been prepared and if in the process found obstacles, later his party would openly discuss for searchs solution together with Coordinating Minister for Economy.

In line with Minister of Economic Affairs, Deputy Head of BP Batam Purwiyanto also confirmed the economic optimization and competitiveness of Batam and its surroundings through FSU FGD.

"The smooth implementation of STS FSU is highly dependent on positive synergy between related stakeholders, both the government and the private sector," Purwiyanto said.

"Our expected output is certainly in the form of support, in this case policy. Mainly, BP Batam took the opportunity at this FGD to get input, exchange minds and ideas to support the improvement of investment climate for STS FSU implementation in Batam waters which will be carried out later, "Purwiyanto said.

Purwiyanto added, BP Batam would compile the results of this meeting and report directly to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of Republic Indonesia as a follow up to this FGD activity.

The FGD was attended by Deputy of BP Batam Business Facilities Business Administration Dwianto Eko Winaryo in the era of Edy Putra Irawady's leadership, Member of BP Batam Business Sector Syahril Japarin, and was also attended by related stakeholders, including Batam Special KSOP, Customs Type B Batam, Batam Immigration Office, Batam Quarantine Office, Danlanal Batam, Bakamla Batam, Batam Air Force, and more than 20 Ship to Ship business operators. (* / rus)

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