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45 Million Shipments From Abroad Through Batam, This is BP Batam's Plan

BP Batam will preparing an import quota for small and medium businesses in Batam. Imported goods in Indonesia, which 77 percent transit through Batam.

ILLUSTRATION. Economy - China's import and export - BP Batam is currently preparing an import quota for small and medium businesses (SMEs), which is for resellers in Batam.

At present, BP Batam officers and officials in the field of goods traffic have also been directed to recheck the parent quota that has been set.

"Don't let the goods be overloaded and not needed," said BP Batam Deputy Area Management and Investment, Sudirman Saad.

Meanwhile, related to imported goods in Indonesia, which 77 percent transit through Batam, it was not denied by Sudirman and had an influence on the status of tourist cities other than industry.

"My estimation is that they cannot ship goods up to 45 million annually. But our national statistical data from 57.9 million shipments of goods from abroad to Indonesia during 2019, about 77.7 percent of transit in Batam. There are 45 million shipments from overseas via Batam. This means Batam is designed as an industrial and tourism city, "he explained.

Batam's status as a Free Trade Zone region, actually related to consumer goods, is intended only to meet the needs of Batam citizens.

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Then import to support the industry.

"So it is not designed as a place or trade traffic for goods from abroad transiting in Batam and then entering in Indonesia," he said.

Sudirman added BP Batam would re-check the quota of imported goods from Batam, which totaled 45 million shipments.

On that basis also, BP Batam encourages online SMEs in Batam, forming associations.

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