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45 Million Shipments From Abroad Through Batam, This is BP Batam's Plan

BP Batam will preparing an import quota for small and medium businesses in Batam. Imported goods in Indonesia, which 77 percent transit through Batam.

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"This is to ascertain how many people are involved and the turnover of shipment," said Sudirman.

In the same place, Head of Trade Sub-Directorate, Directorate of Goods Traffic, BP Batam, Yani Alkindi said, his party would conduct an evaluation of import quotas.

Reseler is technically evaluated from the quota side.

"Importers' requests for some things were also evaluated. Especially for imports of HS Code type. Such as shoes, bags, socks and textiles," said Yani, who was beside Sudirman.

In the compilation of import quotas, Batam Business Entity (BP), also considers Batam as a tourism city.

It prepares a quota for tourist needs, before the parent quota is determined.

So in the preparation of import quotas and the needs of community, also consider the needs of tourists.

Good consumption in Batam for souvenirs.

BP Batam Deputy Area Management and Investment, Sudirman Saad stressed that to calculate import needs, it could not only count the population of 1.3 million people.

However, it must pay attention to tourists entering Batam, more than 2 million.

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