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Indonesia Citizens In Wuhan Returning Through Batam? Here's Health Department Explanation

Indonesia Citizens (WNI) will return from Wuhan China which is currently under attack by Corona virus to Indonesia. Batam become the place for return?
Current Conditions of University students from Indonesia in Wuhan. - Since yesterday, WhatsApp group to social media was enlivened with questions whether Batam would be the location of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) return from Wuhan, China which is currently under attack by Corona virus.

Although it has not been decided yet and the final meeting will be held today, Saturday (1/2/2020), but diverse reactions from the community began to be seen.

Not a few who expressed rejection and some even stated it by issuing the release of refusal statement for a certain reason.

So, is it true that Batam has become the preferred place of return for Indonesian Citizens who will be evacuated by Indonesian Air Force in Wuhan Province, China?

So far, Riau Islands provincial government has coordinated with the central government and does not yet know what Indonesian Government's reasons for choosing Batam as a repatriation place for Indonesians from Wuhan.

As said by Head of Riau Islands Provincial Health Department Tjetjep Yudiana when confirmed, Friday (1/31/2020) night.

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According to Tjetjep so far they have also coordinated with KKP.

The government plans to repatriate Indonesian Citizens in Wuhan China to Indonesia via Batam.

The repatriation of Indonesian Citizens from Wuhan was linked to Corona virus outbreak.

Head of Riau Islands Health Department Tjetjep Yudiana claimed to get information about returning Indonesian Citizens from Wuhan to Indonesia via Batam.

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