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This is BP Batam Big Project for Hang Nadim Airport in 2020

BP Batam will carried out big project. Such as the construction at the airport cargo section located in Nongsa, Batam. Here's what BP Batam will do.

Tourists from China are checking in at Batik Air counter, Batam's Hang Nadim Airport. 127 tourists from China returned to their home countries this Thursday (1/30/2020) after a 5-day vacation in Batam. - The construction of terminal 1 at Batam Hang Nadim Airport is in the auction process.

Head of Batam Business Entity (BP), Muhammad Rudi, predicted that around April or May the winner of auction could be announced, so the work on airport's land side could be done.

To some of media crews, the construction process was also carried out at the airport cargo section located in Nongsa, Batam City.

During the process, the cargo section will be temporarily moved near Hang Nadim Airport VIP waiting room.

"Why did we get up, because we want all the shipments of goods to go out through here. And if you send it through here, then there must be a direct flight," he said, Tuesday (02/04/2020).

For this reason, he said the construction of Hang Nadim Airport cargo would be carried out and the runway that would be included in the longest category would also be widened.

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"So, the plane does not hesitate to land," he explained.

Although large-bodied aircraft can land at Hang Nadim Airport, he said it did not meet existing standards.

In addition to the construction of cargo and runways, later Lion group will build Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) at Hang Nadim Airport.

He explained that MRO investment value is in the range of 10 Trillion with period of five years.

"They have conveyed the need for MRO land  and aircraft cutting,  we are working on it. Later, a judicial MRO will be built, meaning that later there will be four major projects here," he said (TRIBUNBATAM.ID/ALAMUDIN)

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