Caused by Corona Virus Cases, Import Amounts to Batam Decreased

Corona virus cases in various countries influence imports of food ingredients in Batam. Some of transportations from Batam to China, were stopped.

Caused by Corona Virus Cases, Import Amounts to Batam Decreased
Illustration of corona virus. - After the high number of Corona virus cases in various countries, imports of food ingredients, especially fruit in Batam, dropped dramatically in volume.

This was revealed by Head of Batam Agriculture Quarantine Center, Joni Anwar, by telephone on Thursday (02/06/2020).

He admitted, some of transportation from Batam to China, especially to Wuhan, were immediately stopped.

Making it difficult for importers to transport imported food goods from China into Batam.

"Especially after Chinese New Year, until now there has not been any foods imported from China into Batam either from the air or from the port," he said.

He added, especially during Chinese New Year, some of activities in China were deactive.

With the ban on imports from central government, for food from China to Indonesia there has not been any food imports from China entering Batam. ( Uly Sianturi)

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