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Day 7 of Observation, Here's The Health Conditions of Medical Team and Students in Natuna

Currently hundreds of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who undergo a period of observation in Natuna. Here the health conditions of Medical Team and Students

Indonesian Citizens from Wuhan, did morning exercise. - Corona virus problem hasn't stopped being a world problem.

The number of victims who died due to outbreaks of this virus continues to grow in various countries.

Not only in China, transmission has spread to various other countries, including those who suspect the Corona virus is indicated.

Even some of those who went through the observation period were devastated by the incident.

Not without reason, currently hundreds of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who undergo a period of observation as if shunned by citizens.

Their existence was alienated from the community.

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Because, during the 14 days of observation, their space is limited, and considered vulnerable to stress.

At least there are dozens of specialist doctors who are deployed to maintain the health condition of 238 Indonesian Citizens who undergo quarantine in Hangar Lanud, Raden Sajad, Natuna.

Entering the activities of 7th day, Saturday (02/08/2020), dr. Budi Sylvana, MARS unceasingly conveyed the health conditions of hundreds Indonesian Citizens to the condition of medical team.

He continued to release video clips and sent them to public.

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